Digital Marketing For 2017

Marketing has completely changed over the last decade.

If you look back and the different strategies that have come and gone, you will realize how with the addition of social media how companies need to interact and engage with their customers.

Yes, tv and news advertising can still work, but those are just two avenues that would be a part of a larger media campaign. You need to corporate at least seven different contact points to turn someone from “cold traffic” to a lifelong fan.

Even at that, it’s hard to build brand loyalty as it takes more than a good product and customer service.

You have to make people feel like they are a part of something significant and meaningful. You need them to get behind the “why” of your company.

The “why” is the reason you are doing business.

If you are only in business to make money, in the end, it will be tough to thrive. You need to build a culture or have a real purpose that connects with people on a deeper level beyond the impulse buy.

We will be going into this in much more detail in our next posts.

We will also be diving into the world of SEO or search engine optimization which we have been focusing most of our time on lately.

We are excited to bring that series to you soon!